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Beach Tennis

The popular sport of beach tennis has landed on our shores with much excitement. A cross between badminton, volleyball and tennis, beach tennis is a doubles-only game that revolves around keeping the ball in the air and off the sand.

To help you get acquainted with beach tennis, below are the "Rules of Play," as well as court reservation procedures for the Club during Fall and Winter months.

Beach Tennis Rules of Play:

  • Court: The court is a regulation volleyball court.
  • Balls: TIP balls (soft tennis balls available in the Club's Tennis Shop)
  • Serving: The server is allowed only one serve. Serves must go cross court.
  • Lets: Lets are played as good.
  • Returns: Only one hit per team is allowed.
  • Scoring: No add scoring. Each match is first to reach 8 games. If games reach 8 all, a 12-point tiebreaker is played.

Players may have a beach tennis court set up for personal use.

Member Beach Tennis Court Reservations:

  • Courts may be reserved daily (pending Club special events or catered functions)
  • 24-hour advanced reservations are required (24-hour cancellation notice is also requested)
  • Only available in October through March

Contact the Beach Services Department at (858) 551.4661 or for more information or to make a reservation.

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