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Roasted Butternut Squash and duck confit ravioli with sage vanilla reduction

Basic Pasta Dough
3 1/2 cups        
Unbleached all-purpose flour
Extra large eggs

Mound the flour in the center of a large wooden cutting board. Make a well in the middle of the flour, add the eggs. Using a fork, beat together the eggs and begin to incorporate the flour starting with the inner rim of the well. As you incorporate the eggs, keep pushing the flour up to retain the well shape (do not worry if it looks messy). The dough will come together in a shaggy mass when about half of the flour is incorporated.

Start kneading the dough with both hands, primarily using the palms of your hands. Add more flour, in 1/2-cup increments, if the dough is too sticky. Once the dough is a cohesive mass, remove the dough from the board and scrape up any left over dry bits. Lightly flour the board and continue kneading for 3 more minutes. The dough should be elastic and a little sticky. Continue to knead for another 3 minutes, remembering to dust your board with flour when necessary. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and set aside for 20 minutes at room temperature. Roll and form as desired.

Note: Do not skip the kneading or resting portion of this recipe, they are essential for a light pasta

Roll out thin pasta sheets using a pasta machine at the lowest setting. Dust with flour or semolina, set aside until ready to use

Medium-sized butternut squash
Duck legs confit (look for these at a specialty store like Whole Foods or Bristol Farms)
1 cup
Mascarpone Cheese
1/2 bunch        
Salt and pepper

Cut butternut squash in half, remove seeds. Season with salt and pepper and roast in 350 degree oven until soft. Peel skin off of squash and reserve meat of squash. Place in food processor or food mill and blend, set aside to cool.

Take duck confit, remove skin, and shred. Make sure there are no residual bones or cartilage in mixture, rough chop and set aside.

In a large bowl mix chives and mascarpone cheese, season with salt and pepper. Add pureed butternut squash and chopped duck confit.

Place mixture in a piping bag, let cool. Please make sure that mixture is not too wet and has cooled, otherwise your ravioli will not close.

To Create Ravioli
2 Tbl

Mix together and set aside in bowl

Place pasta sheets on large floured table. With duck mixture in piping bag make an even straight line that’s about a ¼ of the way up on the pasta sheet. Using a paint brush, brush remainder of pasta sheet with egg mixture, just enough to moisten. Start by taking the end of the pasta that is closest to you; start to fold over pasta sheet to envelope mixture, creating a long filled tube. Pinch one end of pasta, make a depression in the pasta about a thumbs length away from the first depression, repeat until you have created and finished the ravioli, cut with a pasta cutter  and set aside on a floured sheet pan, if using that day cover with a dry towel (if not using that day, let pasta rest in refrigerator for 1 hour, then place in freezer for up to 2 weeks covered with plastic wrap.)

Vanilla Sage Reduction
1 cup
Apple juice
1/4 cup
Vanilla bean, seeded
Large shallot, fine chopped
Sage leaves
2 cups

In a large sauté pan bring shallots and apple juice to a boil and reduce to ¼ of the volume, slowly incorporate butter into mixture, add sage and vanilla bean to finish. Set sauce aside and serve with ravioli.

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