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03 - Dec
Category: Arts & Theater
Where:amp; Memorial Center, 2115 Park Boulevard, San Diego, California, United States, 92101
Join the San Diego Shakespeare Society for a night of open readings. Q: Do I have to read? A: You are welcome to show up and just watch. We suspect, however, that it will look like too much fun for you to resist for long. A lot of newcomers don’t want to read initially but when they see how fun it is, they join in! But there is no pressure at all if you just want to watch and we have regular attendees who have never read.   Q: Do I have to bring a book? A: You don’t need to have the play if you just want to listen, but it can be fun to follow along in a copy even if you are not reading. At readings held at libraries, copies are kindly provided by the library. At other readings, if you do want to read it is recommended that you bring your own copy of the text to be read that night, a Complete Works, or at least a smartphone or tablet so you can find the text online.   Q: Can I act as a specific character or be in a particular scene? A: That may be possible. Each evening has an assigned director who has planned what scenes to cover. If you are really anxious to act in a specific scene, talk to the director at the start and see what can be arranged. No guarantees, but if the scene is being done that night, it might be possible. All scenes are cast that night right before they are read, so usually, everyone who wants to act has the chance to do at least a small role.   Q: Who can participate? A: Everyone! They are free and open to the public.
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