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Pickleball Clinics

Mondays: 10-11am Beginner Clinic
Hotel Guest: $33

Mondays: 11-12pm Intermediate Clinic
Hotel Guest: $33

Thursdays: 2-3pm Intermediate Clinic
Hotel Guest: $33

Thursdays: 3-4pm Beginner Clinic
Hotel Guest: $33

Fridays and Saturdays: 9-10am Beginner Clinic
Hotel Guest: $33

Fridays and Saturdays: 10-11am Intermediate Clinic
Hotel Guest: $33

Sunday Drop in Play (without a pro): 9-12noon

Class Topics 

Beginner/Intermediate Class Topics
Level 1 - Intro
Level 1 - Serve/Return
Level 1 - Dinking
Level 1 - Block Volley
Level 1 - Basic Doubles Strategy

Intermediate/Adv Class Topics
Level 2 - Lob Retrieval
Level 2 - Intermediate Doubles Strategy
Level 2 - Punch Volley
Level 2 - Third Shot Drop
Level 2 - Ernie

Advance Class Topics
Level 3 - Advanced Dinking
Level 3 - Advanced Doubles Strategy
Level 3 - Bounce Attacks
Level 3 - Swinging Volley
Level 3 - Offensive Lob

Intro: Learn the fundamentals of pickleball including the serve/return, rules, and scoring in this one hour session

Serve/Return: Learn the various serves in addition to basic strategy on returns to start the point on the right foot

Dinking: Find yourself losing in the soft game? Learn the mechanics and basic strategy of one of the most fundamental shots in pickleball

Block Volley: Learn the mechanics of this defensive shot to elevate your game

Basic Doubles Strategy: Learn locations of where to start and move to "position" yourself for success

Lob Retrieval: Find yourself always getting beat by the lob? Learn how to protect yourself against the lob
Intermediate Doubles Strategy: Start winning by creating pressure for your opponents in doubles

Punch Volley: Struggling to win the "hand battles"? Learn mechanics of one of this common offensive shot
Third Shot Drop: Learn mechanics and strategy about the "hardest shot in pickleball"
Ernie: Find out why this "trick shot" should be in your arsenal
Advanced Dinking: Learn how the best players play the soft game to create pressure
Advanced Doubles Strategy: Learn about moving without the ball to create winning moments on the court

Bounce Attack: Find out how to create more offense in your game by adding this powerful shot
Swinging Volley: Learn mechanics of this offensive shot and how to hit less of those high juicy balls in the net
Offensive Lob: Find out when to hit the one shot we tell you to never hit in pickleball

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